2017 Highlights:

Installments at Darien Police Station, Veterans Cemetery and Darien Community Association  We planted 24 new trees and 12 shrubs at the Darien Police Station, Veterans Cemetery and the Darien Community Association. The Growing Concern helped with the installation and donated 4 large Holly trees to the Police Station.

Educational Lecture – The EcoBeneficial Landscape: From Trees to Bees with environmental horticulturist Kim Eierman; co-sponsored by Darien Library, Darien Nature Center, Darien Land Trust and Tree Conservancy of Darien.

Installment of trees donated by Planter’s Choice Nursery – We have planted 30 trees at the DCA, Weed Beach, Pear Tree Point Beach, Ledge Road and Town Hall with funds that we received through our Annual Appeal.

Shin-rin Yoku,Forest Bathing Walks – Spring and fall walks led by Jeff Wyant, Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, in Woodland Park and Selleck’s Woods.

Annual Tree Sale – This past year,we sold over 90 trees that were planted at private homes and town properties.


2016 Highlights:

Spring Grove Cemetery and Veterans Cemetery – 25 trees planted along Hecker Avenue and the Post Road.

Shinrin-yoku walk hosted by Jeffrey and Donna Wyant, Certified Forest Therapy Guide Candidates with the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides & Programs.

Educational Lecture – Bark: Get to Know Your Trees, with naturalist Michael Wojtech; a co-sponsored lecture at the Darien Library.

Celebration of Trees Photo Contest – Our 4th town-wide photo contest for all ages, with an opening night reception at the Darien Nature Center and more than 100 photos.

Trails Discovery Day – TCD educated visitors with tree-related information and activities Darien Land Trust’s event at Selleck’s Woods.

unnamed-1Tilley Pond – 35 trees were planted to help reforest and beautify the park, including a living memorial in honor of Keith Barker, former owner of The Gardener’s Center.

Annual Tree Sale – Last year we sold 30 trees that were planted by private individuals in town. This year 18 trees have been purchased to date.

Center Street South Parking Lot – Further enhancement included planting additional trees, shrubs and flowers adjacent to the CVS building.

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