2018 Happenings

We had a great turnout on February 5th, for the screening and discussion of Chasing Coral at the Darien Library. This eye-opening film brought to light the unprecedented disappearance of coral reefs around the world. The screening was co-sponsored by Darien Library, Darien Nature Center, Darien Land Trust and Tree Conservancy of Darien.





2017 Happenings

We planted 24 new trees and 12 shrubs at the Darien Police Station, Veterans Cemetery and the Darien Community Association. The Growing Concern helped with the installation and donated 4 large Holly trees to the Police Station.






Tree Conservancy of Darien, along with local non-profits Darien Nature Center, Darien Land Trust and Friends of Selleck’s Woods co-hosted a Shinrin-Yoku walk with Certified Nature and Forest Therapy guide Jeffrey Wyant on October 14th. Participants of all ages reaped the benefits of Shinrin-Yoku in beautiful Selleck’s Woods. Many thanks to all of our co-sponsors, and to Jeffrey Richard Wyant and Donna Wyant for their gracious leadership on the walk! Along with co-hosting educational lectures, offering the Forest Bathing walk helps Tree Conservancy achieve its goal of educating the community about the value of trees and their care.



We recently planted the remainder of the 30 trees donated by Planters Choice Nursery in December with the generous help of Richard Jones Landscaping. TCD installed a Snowbell at the Town Hall; an Eastern Redbud, a Paperbark Maple and a Sugar Maple at the Darien Community Association (DCA); and four Sugar Maple trees on Ledge Road (pictured). We have now planted over 350 trees in Darien!
Many thanks to Planter’s Choice and Richard Jones.



We thoroughly enjoyed our May 20th Forest Bathing Walk to Benefit Tree Conservancy in Darien’s lovely Woodland Park Preserve with Jeff Wyant, Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. Many thanks to all who attended and supported Tree Conservancy of Darien, and to Jeff and Donna Wyant for their help organizing!




We had a great turnout on March 7th, for The EcoBeneficial Landscape: From Trees to Bees, Kim Eierman’s talk at the Darien Library. Kim shared her knowledge about cultivating our landscapes as ecosystems, nurturing butterflies, bees, birds and more while using native plantings. To see Kim’s top 20 ways to create an EcoBeneficial landscape, click here: http://tinyurl.com/jf3lcds. The talk was co-sponsored by Darien Library, Darien Nature Center, Darien Land Trust and
Tree Conservancy of Darien.


We’ve begun planting some of the many trees generously given to us by Planters Choice Nursery in December. To date, we have planted 9 trees at the DCA (5 Redbud, 3 Dogwood, and 1 White-Flowering Redbud), 7 trees at Weed Beach (5 Linden and 2 Hibiscus) and 3 at Pear Tree Point Beach (3 Linden). Many thanks again to Planters’ Choice and Richard Jones Landscaping for helping with the installation. We can’t wait to see these trees in spring!






Previously in 2016

tcd-treesWe were able to swiftly coordinate the delivery of 30 trees generously given by Planters Choice Nursery just before Christmas, for planting in town. In line with the goal of replacing trees lost to storms, disease and construction, and with funds available through donations, TCD will use these trees to replant at the Town Hall ball field, Pear Tree Beach and other locations. In addition to contributing to the aesthetics of town property, the new trees will add to shade and drainage, and help to create a healthy ecosystem for generations to come. We would like to extend sincere gratitude to Planters Choice and all others who contribute time, effort, materials and funds to help in our mission.



Our planting of 25 trees at the Spring Grove Cemetery and the Veterans Cemetery, along Hecker Avenue and the Post Road, was completed during the week of November 28th. Mother Nature seemed to cooperate by providing some much-needed rain!





We participated in a Shinrin-yoku walk hosted by Jeffrey and Donna Wyant, Certified Forest Therapy Guide Candidates with the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides & Programs. Shinrin-yoku, developed in the 1980’s in Japan, is translated into English as “forest bathing” and is a guided sensory immersion in a forest, or in the other-than-human world of nature. Our walk was a safe and unhurried two-hour engagement with nature that began with leaving any worries behind at the beginning of the trail and then focusing on a sensory connection with the living world around us. Stay tuned, as we are considering hosting a Shinrin-yoku walk open to the community in the spring of 2017.


2016 Photo Contest Winner


We enjoyed a great turn-out for the 2016 Celebration of Trees photo contest reception at the Darien Nature Center. It was a fun night with over 100 beautiful photographs of trees to view!

Congratulations to all who won awards in the show and particularly to Danielle Granath for winning Best in show with her photograph, ‘Stormy Night’ (shown above) and to Catie Morgan for winning the Student Best in Show award for ‘Droplets’.





Naturalist Michael Wojtech shared his knowledge on local tree identification and bark in his lecture, Bark: Get to Know Your Trees, on February 2, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Darien Library. The talk was free and co-sponsored by Tree Conservancy of Darien, Darien Land Trust, Darien Nature Center and the Darien Library.




In 2015

Tree Conservancy of Darien held a well-attended commemoration of new tree plantings at Tilley Pond Park in Darien on Tuesday, December 1, 2015. The ceremony took place in honor of Keith Barker, who had owned The Gardener’s Center and Florist for 35 years. In attendance were numerous past and present board members of the Tree Conservancy, Kris Barker, Keith’s son, First Selectwoman Jayme Stevenson, many donors, friends and supporters, and a few canine friends, including Barker’s dog, Anna.

When Barker passed away suddenly this summer, his family and friends designated the Tree Conservancy of Darien as a benefactor of memorial gifts and requested Tilley Pond as the planting site. Keith was a long-time supporter of the town of Darien, sponsor of the Darien Beautification gardens, and a well-respected garden mentor in the community. His former home overlooks Tilley Pond, where he and his dog, Anna were frequent park visitors. Five trees have been planted there as a memorial in his honor.

The memorial request was the inspiration and impetus for the Tree Conservancy to select Tilley Pond as the site of its 2015 planting. The centrally located park is frequented daily by dog walkers, commuters, exercise groups and as a site for town events. It has endured a loss of mature trees during super storm Sandy, and due to old age and disease. TCD planted a total of 30 trees and numerous shrubs and bulbs to replace lost trees, and to enhance the environment of the very well utilized town park.

Generous contributions by donors and Good Gardens, The Growing Concern, Designs by Lee and The Gardener’s Center and Florist made the planting possible.

On October 27, 2015, to enhance and help prevent weeds, we added 100 Liriope, 30 Low walker nepeta, 30 grasses, 12 Deutzia, 21 Spirea and 7 Clethra to the existing planting of trees on Ledge Road.

Rick Darke, an award-winning landscape design consultant, author, lecturer and photographer, gave a lecture on The Living Landscape at the Darien Library on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015 at 7 p.m. The talk was co-sponsored by Tree Conservancy of Darien, Darien Land Trust, Darien Nature Center, Darien Library and Friends of Selleck’s Woods. It was free and focused on using biodiversity in home garden and community landscapes.